It's all about connecting!

Grantwriters sign up and create their profiles and offer their services. Nonprofits search and find grantwriters that meet their needs. A match made in heaven. Or, at least in a very nice place on earth!

  • Can I find someone local?

    Yes. You can find grantwriters by:

    • Location
    • Grantwriter type (freelance, agency, indepdendent)
    • Hourly Rate
    • Industrial experiences
    • Specialization
    • Skills
    • English Level
    • Languages spoken
  • Can I see a grantwriters experience and qualifications?

    Yes. Each grantwriter will have a detailed profile showing you their background and experience. Many also will provide sample grants they have written.

  • Can I rate the grantwriter?

    Yes. You can review and rate each grantwriter you work with. Higher rated grantwriters appear at the top of search results.



Share Your Needs. Get a Proposal.

Grantwriters will respond to your inquiry with a proposal. You can accept, reject or ask the grantwriter to change the proposal. There is no obligation until you accept and pay for the services you agree to in the proposal.



Work together. Get results!

After you and your grantwriter agree on the proposal details and you accept the proposal, you pay for the services, and work together to secure your funding. We take a small commission for facilitating the partnership, and off to the races you go!